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Pedestrian bridges are a beautiful way to create a connecting point between two divided landscapes. The connection might be required due to a natural barrier such as a river, or an architectural landscape designed to create a point of interest.

A well designed bridge suits its functional intent but also should display character, beauty and creative lines. Every bridge, whether large or small, contributes to the appearance and atmosphere of a landscape. Even small footbridges can contribute significantly to the impression of the site whether on a golf course, a park or a residential development.

At SPECTRUM Engineering Inc., we have the experience that can help you through the entire process of connecting your landscapes.

Finally Complete!
Thursday, 22 December 2016 11:06

Nanton Golf Club Hole #11

Finally, the weather cleared, the sun shone, the wind died down and the bridge is completely installed!  Here is a timelapse video which was put together by Nik at N.E. Edit



Nanton Bridge #11 Installation
Monday, 05 December 2016 11:22

Nanton Bridge #11 InstallationDesigning, building and installing bridges is one of our favorite jobs!  Installing them in winter, however, definitely has a few more challenges!  We invested in a fishing shack to create a space for warming up.  Even though it is a balmy -1 here in Manitoba, today, in Nanton, Alberta it is -15! They got dumped on yesterday with wet snow which has made everything very slick.  Too dangerous for the big crane to come in to complete the installation over the river.  Unfortunately, that will need to wait for another trip.  The joys of a Canadian winter!!

Last Updated on Friday, 20 January 2017 13:44
And so we wait...
Monday, 19 December 2016 14:39

John flew bright and early to Calgary this morning to finish the installation of the Nanton Bridge on Hole #11.  They were not able to get the crane down to the site in the beginning of December because it had just snowed a very wet, slippery snow which did not allow for the crane to make it down to the site.  Today, the conditions were looking great.  After a deep freeze, the ground was hard and the day promised warmer temperatures which sounded promising.  However, the winds picked up to an extreme, even causing semi trucks to rollover. sits the beautiful crane all ready to go but too dangerous to go anywhere today!

Nanton Golf Club Bridge Installation

Spectrum Engineering installed a golf course bridge at the Nanton Golf Club the week of July 25, 2016.  Spectrum completed this installation with 3 men in one week.  This video makes it all look so easy but John, Hin Yat and Joel all worked exceptionally hard that week!

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