custom engineering

custom engineering

connecting your landscapes



 At SPECTRUM Engineering, we have the tools, experience and the creativity to provide you with an optimum bridge design. Each bridge project is custom designed to fit your needs. Our interactive design and analysis software ensures that each project is cost efficient because it allows us to design for the intended use and at the same time, minimize the material requirements. In addition, the bridge is designed with the options you want, no need for high cost of 'standard' designs.. Some of the options include:

  • type/style of bridge
  • deck lighting or area lighting
  • decking material
  • color
  • discreet passage for irrigation pipe or electrical conduit

Early in the process, we create a 3D model based on information from you. This model gives you a visual image of the completed bridge. This model is analyzed with Stress Analysis Software to predict deflections and design strength. Stress Analysis is an important part of engineering a bridge to predict functionality and serviceability. Any weaknesses are spotted and can be corrected before fabrication. This results in optimum design and cost effectiveness.

Individual part drawings and assembly drawing are created. This is a very detailed task which when done well allows the rest of the process to continue efficiently.


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