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Product Refinement
Written by Val Willems   

The purpose of product refinement may be to reduce manufacturing costs, improve function, gain efficiency, or simply increase its marketing appeal. It may also be necessary to correct a failure or to redesign a product for new service capabilities. As in new product development, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can play an important role in determining where the weaknesses are and exactly what design modifications are required. FEA makes it possible to run multiple virtual tests to determine which solution has the greatest potential to increase your profits.

In today's environment of rapidly changing technologies and materials, our expertise can help you re-asses your product design and manufacturing processes to maximize your return.

Project - J Coach Radiator Lift

The supplier of radiators for Motor Coach changed their model resulting in a different weight balance.  When being lifted, the radiator was tilted making it impossible to place inside the coach correctly.  We designed and built a new lift with an adjustable lift point so that if the weight distribution should change on a future model, this lift simply needs to be adjusted.

Radiator ready for lifting 


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