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May15, 2017

Spectrum Engineering has been working hard at developing some of our own FORZA products which we hope to eventually put on the market.  One of them is a small coffee stand which we hope to have some pictures of soon.  The other product is a FORZA Motorcycle Tie Down System.  John was hoping to take his bike out with his brother-in-law on a road trip to the states to test out this system.  It's looking like some snow might be heading that way so they are looking at changing their plans.  Hopefully they will still be able to head out somewhere!


Welcome to Spectrum Engineering Inc.

SPECTRUM Engineering Inc. specializes in providing engineered solutions for today’s complex problems. We use the latest computer technology, 3D design software and stress analysis software to efficiently bring products from the concept stage to completion. We also excel in improving the design and cost effectiveness of the products you already have on the market.  Spectrum Engineering works mainly in mechanical engineering and also pedestrian and golf course bridge design.

SPECTRUM is able to give you an engineering solution that will reduce the cost of bringing your products to market.

Motorcycle Tie Down System
Monday, 15 May 2017 10:04

Spectrum Engineering is very excited to showcase the Motorcycle Tie Down System which is in the prototype phase.  John took the trailer loaded with one of his bikes out on a test drive over some very rough dirt roads.  The Tie Down System proved to be rock solid!  If you are interested in hearing more about this new design give us a call.

Finally Complete!
Thursday, 22 December 2016 11:06

Nanton Golf Club Hole #11

Finally, the weather cleared, the sun shone, the wind died down and the bridge is completely installed!  Here is a timelapse video which was put together by Nik at N.E. Edit

Spectrum Launches New Service

Throughout the history of our company, our constant goal has been to offer the technologies and practices which we believe are in the best interests of serving our clients.  Recently, we have taken another significant step toward that goal by purchasing a portable metrology system, the CREAFORM HandyPROBE

To learn more about how the HandyProbe can benefit your company, and to print out a brochure, click HERE.

Safety Modification on a Platform Lift
Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:24

Safety is very important in any manufacturing environment.  This platform lift had some safety issues but the company also wanted the platform to have a horizontal extension. Some of the safety modifications Spectrum made to the lift included a stair with a modified step up to the platform and raising the height of the safety railing to meet the safety code.  The horizontal extension is on sliders attached to actuators which allow the workers to get closer to their work space.

Installed safety stair

Raised Safety Railings

J Lift Safety Stands Update

The J Lift Safety Stands were tested at MCI this past weekend.  You can see that they are in place and holding the entire coach as it awaits undercoating.

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